Flip Burger Boutique. A review

Buckhead location.


In atlanta you have to take any area you can get get to sling your vittles. Case in point, Flip Burger Boutique smack in the off center of a parking lot shopping plaza right at a very busy intersection in Buckhead.  I dare say after eating here it's worth figuring out how to get into the shopping center to dine.

Inside there is a proper bar area with decent wines, signature cocktails, beers and I even spied some Nehi pop if that's your thing. This is a burger joint but not a typical burger joint. The dining room inside is energetic and stylish.  Shame the view at the outdoor seating is building backs and the ever congested roswell piedmont elbow. It is covered to keep the sun off your beautiful skin but the air is still roswell road air.

You will find burger menu options conventional and entirely unconventional including Fauxlafel, steak tartare, lamb, chorizo, salmon and tuna tartare.  I opted for the butcher's cut completely adorned with red wine jam, blue cheese, carmalized onion, soy truffle vinagrette and a perfect medium cook. bun compliments but not overwhelms. This is one outstanding burger.  All of us that bit into it were somewhat speechless. Really is something THIS GOOD? really. it is.  it's not giagantic but it will fill a belly especially with a sidecar of delicious handcut fries and bacon mayo. 


There was a turkey burger at the table, and perfectly acceptable with sprouts and mashed avocado but the group declared it paling in comparison to the Butcher's cut extravaganza. I am absolutely going back for that butcher burger. I may in fact dream of it on and off the next month. 

Notable side, Brocolli rabe with manchengo finely grated over and adorned with pecans, brown butter and lemon zest can make you feel full of virtue if only for a fleeting moment til the milkshake arrives.

The nutella shake is sinfully good with burned marshmallows on top (and they do add them liberally).
Check out Flip. It did not disappoint me a bit. I am glad it's so close to my stomping grounds. 



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