Veni Vidi Vici. A review.


At 14th and W. Peachtree you will find this longtime upscale Italian eatery. It’s the Dick Clark of restaurants in that it hasn’t aged.  Beautiful full bar area, outdoor seating and large dining room.

The service is impeccable as you would expect. 

I spied a very inviting bowl of sangria at the bar and instantly ordered some to quench my curiosity. All in all not bad studded full of prosecco, fruit and brandy. 

 Complimenting the full expansive dinner menu is a prix fixe seasonal menu.  We ordered from both.

From the small plates menu I had the beets with goat cheese. Nicely cooked and chilled beets, creamy soft dallop of chevre, arugula and a crispy piece of prosciutto to garnish.  I found it overly vinegary with little to balance it but otherwise not a total fail. A decadent mozzarella basil grilled cheese served over marinara was the seasonal small plate.

 Insalata Verde is a bright tasting green salad full of green olives, fresh herbs and large grates of zucchini ribbons and Parmigiana reggiano. Lightly dressed and all around a nice way to start a meal.

 Gnocchi malfatti is nothing short of spectacular. Petite impossibly light dumplings covered in a savory gorgonzola cream and speck. Absolutely a flawless dish. Go just for this. It's available in appetizer and entree sizes. 

 Seasonal entree of rice and shrimp is elegantly and fully flavored with rich lobster stock. It looks like an unassuming plate of shrimp risotto but upon taking a whiff and then a mouthful it is so much more. Peppered with ramps, peas and perfectly cooked shrimp this is another spectacularly flavored dish. Excellent balance and restraint in seasoning. Another generously portioned dish. You will not leave hungry I assure you.

 Short rib over 100 minute polenta is a gorgeous hearty dish. Never have I seen such a perfectly cut rectangle of short  rib. It's very well trimmed if not too much so. I happen to like beef fat but it's not everyone's cup of tea. The polenta is without question the silkiest I've ever sampled. demi finishing it is deeply flavored and colored. gem of a carmelized  cippolini onion is the crowning jewel of this satisfying dish.


Dessert was a double chocolate hit. The server deeply encouraged sampling the rarely made dark chocolate gelato and I am glad he did.  It was nearly mesmorizing. The flavor and silky texture was another exquisite mouthful. Molten chocolate cake is decent. I kept tasting a ginger finish. The real shine outside of the gelato is the  chocolate bars. two slim bars of ganache and pistachio drizzled with strawberry sauce. Had we not been so overfull at this point that would have gotten finished. 


Buckhead life you never disappoint. 9 out of 10.



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