Qdoba. A review

Newly developing in the Glenridge connector area is another townhouse & shops community.  Qdoba is one of the eateries.  This will be nice for all the offices in the area.

Still fairly new and obviously so because the staff hasn’t fully fine tuned the machine.

It’s very much laid out like Chipotle and Moe’s. Walk up and have your choice of tex mex goodies fashioned into a burrito/taco salad/fajita extravaganza.

The taco shells are crisp and not oily. Cilantro lime rice staple is mild, perhaps too much so. A Mexican barbecue sauce has replaced a longtime favorite mole signature. Sidled in the mix is a heavenly ranch sauce. Creamy and spicy to drizzle most anything you are wanting to create. The lettuce in the salads are not watery pedestrian iceburg but vivid dark green romaine. A sad note is the roasted corn salsa I was looking forward to trying. That corn has never seen an oven or fire but only the inside of a can and a lot of sugar. It really took much of the joy out of my dish tasting of sweet tin relish. 

I was quite shocked to see at high noon in the state of Georgia the iced tea pots hadn’t been yet filled for the lunch rush. Really? The staff was sitting around and this very basic opening checklist item hadn’t been attended to.

 Clean as a freshly washed baby still, lots of open seating. Access can be tricky as it’s oddly located but those local to the area for work or homelife will have no trouble maneuvering.

Tasty and mostly fresh but borderline unremarkable.

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I’ll give them another go in 60 days and see if the machine is running smoothly.