Brick Store Pub. A review.

Brick store pub is just that. A local pub but possibly one of the best ones in the metroish area.  Pubs are not destination dining and let’s be honest, Decatur is destination dining if you do not actually LIVE in Decatur.

It’s dark, seedy in the best possibly way, multi level (bonus-more is better!) loud  as any self respecting pub should be, and most important a killer alcohol selection-namely beer. If you’re into that sort of thing. I only go to a pub if I am with a fella that wants  his hops-on.  As a devout wheat beer woman I have to be coaxed and educated into other options and with options like Brick Store has then why not? Variety is the spice of life and indeed that is what you get here. The staff has always been very knowlegable in guiding in the right direction if you get overwhelmed or stumped.

Bonus that there are no tv's here. Do you really need that competing with everything else going on in there? Let’s not turn a pub into a sports bar or CNN depression zone.  Pubs evoke moods and that should not include competition or political debate. We’re all friends here. Let’s keep it that way.

The food is well past decent by pub food standards. The Decatur crowd would lynch anything less.  Country chicken pate is noted CONTAINS BACON. A surefire selling point. Get it.  Decaturized hummus done with white bean variation and a play on bangers and mash in the style of the south: sausage and grits.

Delicious pub blasphemy of arugula salad and a vegetarian sandwich feature for those of you watching your heart palpitations.  Usual suspects are there though fear not. Chicken fingers, burgers along with the holy grail fish and chips and shepherd’s daughter pie.

I’ve been before and I’ll be there again. Happy to know you, Brick Store Pub.

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