Studio Movie Grill. A review.

I love the idea of getting food while you're watching a movie but I haven't yet seen it pulled off well. There is no way around being interrupted.   The actual theater is quite nice inside. The strip mall it's in leaves a tremendous amount to be desired but once inside you forget about the exterior.

It's mainly bar food you are offered from the menu. Specials vary by weekday. Very nice staff. Lots and lots of cocktails, wine and beers as you'd expect from a bar. Food:  Nachos, chicken fingers and quesadillas are all average if not below average. I did find the service to be better than the buckhead movie and dine but the lack of good food at this location makes me not want to go back.  It makes me think of an Applebee's with a blockbuster rental on the big flat screen.

I would return for a movie and some decent adult beverages but I'll pass on the food next time.

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