Genki noodles and sushi. A review.

This is the Prado location being reviewed.


My first and leaving impression is that of if a Japanese person were to open an applebee's. JAPPLEBEE'S!!  I don't mean it as an insult but more of as an approachable yet at times forgettable yet still edible establishment. It's got something for everyone in a very casual decidely americanized atmosphere.

The menu is chock full of Japanese inspired morsels.  If for no other reason go to try some of these creative plates.

Goyza-fried (available steamed) is not bad. It's not memorable but how many dumplings are anything you'd wax poetic over? You sit down, grab an adult beverage and want to nibble while the bigger plates come and this fits the bill.    piping hot, not greasy and fine.    

Super crunch roll - it's crunchy. Salmon, cream cheese filled.  The salmon sadly is cooked so not much flavor or texture from that component but overall it's very decent and I would order it again.  Not to meantion beautiful.   The sushi menu over all is fantastic. I would like to try some more of those roll creations featured.

Hamachi Kama- ok this wow'ed me. Some yellowfin collar cooked and served with a light sauce. Appreance is a bit of a gastronimic freak show.  It's awkward to eat but who cares. So are ribs and they are fatty and delicious just like this tuna neck. It's the pork belly of fish. Go get it now.

Hamachi Beef, Mushroom and fried spinach over brown rice. It's very basic, simple Japanese comfort food. Very lightly sauced with a sweet teryaki (ask for extra or it will be quite dry). Another forgettable but edible dish.


The place is clean and staff is friendly. We didn't want for anything, good service indeed. I'll go back for simple convenience and clean flavors but it's not for you if you're looking for higher end gourmet. It's more of a neighborhood gem/run out for work lunch on a weekday.



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