The Palm. A review.

The Palm has a bit of a whimsical feel as far as steakhouses go. The half wall windows that overlook the lobby bar of the W keeps the heaviness at bay.  The menu options are full and spectacular. I couldn’t get past the appetizers and salads to even get to eating a steak.

Cocktail special “the Marilyn” , a floral mix of raspberry and Hendrick’s gin along with some other add ins is a refreshing starter but not food friendly. Wine is coming.  I ordered the lobster bisque.  The waiter was honest in advising it’s inconsistent. Tonight was not  good night for the soup. Large white bowls with  an ounce or so of lobster meat was presented then piping hot soup was poured over it. The flavor was flat and lacked richness. Little depth and just off altogether. I sent it back.

Next up were more successful dishes. Beef carpaccio.  Dressed with arugula, parm shavings and crispy beautiful fried waffle potato thins. The meat had deliciously crunchy coarse salt that really brought it all together. Fantastic dish.   Clams oreganata. Buttery, almost comforting dish. They come out piping hot and seasoned well. Not outstanding but I ate every one of them with a kiss of fresh lemon and enjoyed all the butter they were swimming in. YUM. I was feeling full already.     beef carpaccio

One filet for the table. I will say it was cooked to perfection and a damn good piece of cow to begin with. It didn’t have a crusty sear on it if that’s what you look for but otherwise I have no negative words for it.  I went for the wedge salad. It’s very generously garnished with cherry tomatoes, fried onions, blue cheese and pecans. The lettuce was icy cold and all the texture of the toppings made  it  very satisfying.

I believe I understood the donuts with dipping sauces to be their signature dessert. They arrive warm in a bag and the waiter shakes them in sugar before depositing them on a plate with chocolate and raspberry sauces.  The first batch was much too overcooked and needed to be sent back. The next batch was perfectly cooked.  They are not ideal. Too heavy and too greasy but I love the concept.  With a little dough improvement and more careful eye to the cooking oil they can be a real star.

The server was perfectly attentive,  charming and personable but the busboy needs more training.


Overall 3.5 out of 5. Consistency please please please.

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