Cafe Intermezzo. A review.

Café Intermezzo is quite a unique eatery in Atlanta. Two locations, one in Brookwood,  Downtown and one in Dunwoody. I best describe it as where to go when you don’t want a meal but a little sumpin sumpin. Mid afternoon coffee and monte cristo,  meet for a drink that isn’t alcoholic and Starbucks is too generic, late night snack or European quality dessert and brandy.

It is decidedly European complete with the borderline consistently inconsistent service.  Don’t expect to have a luxurious amount of room Americans are so accustomed to.  Small café sized table (remember you’re not eating a multi course meal here so you don’t need the square footage) and at peak times very loud.

Delicious cappuccino, any alcoholic delight you could want (honorable mention are end of night type ports and brandies) and mineral waters.

Sweet and savory crepes – they really are what works in those in between moments,  paninis, full breakfasts, salads and impressive listing of entrees.  I don’t mind a cheese plate late night and they have it.

Keep Intermezzo in mind for those after hours mood when you don’t want to go home but don’t want to waste hours of your life on soulless nightlife. 

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