Flavor cafe and bakery. A review.

Flavor is one of the better eateries in the whole “walk up and get premade fresh food” (oh the hypocrisy of it).  The selection is a bit more expansive and indeed decidedly tastier than places like metrofresh and souper jenny.


I have been for lunch twice.  The portions are plentiful and the food is quite good .  I am a bit of a skewed perspective on these establishments.   Being that I am a personal chef I can make nearly anything you can find in a restaurant of any star level. When I go out I want to be SERVED. I can serve myself at home. I want table service and the whole pomp and circumstance of dining out.  It is the service industry.  Cafeteria style eating, no matter how good the food, isn’t terribly appealing to me. Now, that said I know many people don’t want to cook, don’t like to cook or can’t cook and what places like these provide is  fresh homemade-tasting approachable food at a reasonable price.

This place is so easy to miss that despite the area being my stomping grounds I didn’t know it was there for 2 years! It definitely falls into the neighborhood gem category and the variety is such that you can go back again and again and not eat the same thing twice and be fairly sure each item you order will be very decent if not great.

I found the salmon to be tasty  but forgettable. Salads fresh but slightly underwhelming. Sandwiches are a big star there. Things between two slices bore me to tears but the triple press (three cheese extravaganza) is a fine grilled cheese.  They have some nice options for you sandwich lovers including brisket, tandoori salad,  crab salad and vegetarian option.  Full  bakery selection of course changes but you’re sure to find something for that pesky sweet tooth so many of us develop when the word bakery is on the brain.

I will go back for convenience of location but don’t go out of your way for destination dining here.

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