Metrofresh. A review.

I see this popping up all over and just now am getting it in my mouth.  I find these salad /sandwich type places very hit or miss (see Souper Jenny). 

The food menu changes constantly so I can just give an overview of a few things I tasted with regard to correctly being prepared, freshness, seasoning etc. 

Soups, nice selection and the flavors fine but borderline bland.  I found everything needed "more flavor".  Textures were all fine but absolutely forgettable. 

I had a chicken salad, curried in fact. Even that lacked flavor. Yes curry lacking flavor. Blasphemous isn't it?  I will say the portion was very generous and it was absolutely fresh and homemade tasting. 

I sampled a sunday special of egg casserole filled with cornbread (cornbread custard in fact and that was a nice twist), sausage and cheese. Homey but another unremarkable dish. 

They have plenty of vegan options for those looking. I know how challenging that can be but even a vegan wants full flavor. 

I don't have any interest in returning. For those kinds of prices (12 bucks for a lunch combo) I want full flavor that knocks my sporks off.


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