Jake's Ice Cream (old fourth ward). A review.

I remember seeing Jake's at my very first public showing as I was getting into the chef business quite a few years ago. I haven't actually tried it until today. 

I ventured down to the old forth ward area and found Irwin Street Market. It is like a flea market but of food. Jake's set up is a basic 2 chest chiller housing a wide variety of flavors. I sampled a few to discuss prior to placing my order.

There is a whole lot of dairy free and sorbets on one side. I didn't try any of those. I stuck with the lot of regular dairy tasties. Red velvet (red cake in impossibly white ice cream) is pretty darn heavenly. Kenya AA, yes for us coffee lovers, a double threat chocolate base with oreo and chocolate chip, buttery velvety pecan and coconut. The coconut has actual shreds of coconut in it. This made me happy. I paired it up with some double threat chocolate. The salted caramel is something I've had at restaurant paired with a dessert but this was my own special cup with nothing soiling the pure enjoyment of this very special flavor. 

Jake's isn't the full fat almost airless super premium you buy at the grocery store. It feels to me more akin to ice cream you'd make at home. Simple but packed with flavor and not overly fat to coat your tastebuds and miss out on the real flavor. you do sacarfice some mouthfeel but the flavor makes up for that. It's all personal preference but this ice cream absolutely has a charm all its own.



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