La Fourchette. A Review.

Located on Piedmont near the Peachtree intersection you will find La Fourchette, a very unassuming small building across from Bones. 

Decor is elevated basic. Staff is warm and the decor, while simple is elegant. No complaints here.

The menu is just heaven for any lover of south Mediterranean. Many traditional French dishes, mussels, risotto, duck, foie gras, beet salad, steak fritte.  I am happy to see this as I often complain there isn't enough of this type of food in Atlanta. FAB recently closing only aggravated the situation.

It's restaurant week but we ordered off both menus.

Wines are groups by "weight". light , med and full both red and white. Sparkling and rose are there to be had as well. This is French after all. Of course there is wine.

Candied bacon fries sounded too tasty to pass up. You can opt for black truffle on your frittes if you prefer. The portion is very generous and as decadent as it sounds.  Grab your drink and belly up to this homey hand cut style silky fry with lots of flavor thanks to that  generous douse of candied mince of bacon. 

candied bacon fries Duck and bacon rilette. Traditional serving of rilette. silky smooth paste of bacon and duck topped with duck fat.  The fat can be gamey if you're not a duck lover but inside is mild and delightful. Spreads like a dream.


Duck and Bacon rilette Next up is the foie gras and liver mousse. It's served like dessert. A  generous quinelle of mousse atop strawberry raspberry jam. Lightly toasted brioche comes with this flavor packed spread.  I felt the liver flavor slightly over powered the foie but it's creamy and well flavored overall. The kiss of onion scent and flavor in it is lovely. Showed great restraint in that regard. 

Foie gras and liver mousse 

Endive salad with chevre and candied pecans simple and welcome after a few fatty bites. Tasty grain mustard vinagrette, never too heavy. The chevre was absolute heaven. Endive not too bitter. Refreshing.

Steak Fritte

This was a feature on both the restaurant week menu as well as the regular menu.  Beautiful sleek presentation (when is steak ever sleek?) but the flavor was a bit lacking and the texture not as tender as I'd expect. It had a nice char flavor and cooked perfectly med rare. It was the beef flavor that was lacking.  



More frittes on the side, a generous side at that. I can't recommend it but it wasn't terrible. Unremarkable.


steak fritte

 Loup de Mer is their speciality. A soft fleshed mild white fish over a bed of shaved leeks and fingerling potatoes. The exquisite saffron emulsion is the accessory that brings all the parts together in harmony. If you love fish this is for you. 







loup de mer 




Profiteroles were problematic as they often are. I need to just ban myself from ordering them anywhere. This version was so bad I sent it back. the pastry was overbaked to the point of being bitter and old tasting. the whiskey ice cream inside is tasty as is the chocolate sauce but I didn't get past a bite of the over toasted profiterole. 



Better is the flourless chocolate cake. Deliciously sour raspberry sorbet and a dense nicely textured flourless petite square of chocolate. It could be a bit richer but overall not bad. The pistachio paste underneath is a nice compliment and the crunch ofchopped pistachio on top added a welcome textural contrast.  

flourless chocolate cake with pistachio schmear. YUM

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