Nan Thai Fine Dining. A Review.

I have passed this Spring street intersection staple for years. In my mind I couldn't quite grasp the concept of Thai and fine dining together. I love them both seperately so surely I'd love them just as much together?

It is exquisitely beautiful inside. Spacious with sky high ceiling. How it manages to not be noisy with a full Friday night house I don't know. I do know I appreciate that.

The usual suspects are on the menu but with much higher prices. We had two servers attending to every need without being over served. 

I ordered some stuffed fried shrimp. Out they came , these crisp paper wrapped crustacean parcels. Shrimp perfectly tender and outside exquisitely crunchy. They stay warm while you eat them up. The satays however do not. Flavorful but the meat on the sticks is so slim it will be icy cold if you take more than 50 seconds to eat them all.  

I ordered short rib panang curry. Without question the finest curry  I've ever tasted. I was speechless with each bite. I did have to pause twice to breathe fire from my mouth but otherwise I was beyond content. I did find myself wishing the rice was glutinous vs. a medium grain.  The small sugar pot sized rice bowl that came with my dish seemed too small but it turned out to be just enough. The curry spice blend was richly complex and perfectly balanced. The creaminess was significant and lended to the over pleasure of the mouthfeel. Spectacular dish. It had better be for $28.

Short rib Panang

There was a special pumpkin spiced rice available as a side order and we did opt for that as well. What a delicious rice dish! perfumed, orange and delicately complex as you would expect. Don't miss this if you go before the season is over.


The dessert menu is full of green tea, coconut, tropical fruits and custards. I opted for the special. A coconut layer cake with coconut ice cream and a lychee syrup. The cake was very tender and very white (not many, if any egg yolks) 3 layers of softness to house a tasty but not overly sweet coconut cream filling. The ice cream tasted of real cream vs. all coconut milk. Perfectly delicious. 

The lemongrass custard has a very green taste. Lime meets perfume. It's not for everyone as the taste is distinct but it's nicely done. 

I will return. This beautiful place deserves a repeat performance.

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