Camicakes. A review.

Your sweetcheeks can rejoice in these tender creative (and classic) flavored cupcake treats!!!!

The minis may melt your heart and certainly will make your tummy smile. 

Black and white, a classic moist chocolate base with cloud-like vanilla blanketed over the top. Stunning contrast of dark against white.

Chocolate coconut pecan is rich and coconuty without overwhelming. Think a toned down german chocolate.

Cinnamon swirl tastes like a breakfast bun. slightly coarser texture like a cornbread with subtle but distinct cinnamon flavor. The icing is better than any bun glaze you've had.

Chocolate peanut butter cream is subtley peanut butter flavor against the rich chocolate base. 

Carrot cake is classic and perfect. Rich carrot flavor with the moistness you expect and dreamy cream cheese frosting everyone loves done just right.

Chocolate on chocolate was voted the favorite in a group. More chocolate flavor than you could dream of without overkill on the sweet.

Lookout for babycakes only $1 each. All others full size are $2.75

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