Farm Burger Buckhead. A review.

Important note, there is free parking out front. Who wants to navigate tower place parking for a $10 burger? You don't have to here on this burger  trend bender Atlanta is on.


These burgers (beef, chicken and vegetarian options) are cooked to order. Both of ours came out overcooked therefore a bit dry but still had nice flavor and a generous sized patty. The add on option of bacon is worth $2. It's super thick and cooked well. Bacon always brings extra flavor fun to any party.

Fries taste fresh and handcut. Onion rings are a real star here. The batter keeps it's hold and its crispness. Side of smoked paprika mayo could use a little more personality or thinning out but it's tasty on the side.


There are board specials everyday in addition to a basic but solid classic everyday menu. Milkshakes are there to keep up with the other fancy burger joints around town.  

The buckhead location isn't large but its big enough to have room but still be cozy. outdoor seating if you don't mind sitting in a parking lot looking at busy Piedmont Road traffic. Inside is city barn chic.

I give it 7.5 out of 10. 




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