Dutch Monkey Donuts. A review.

Tucked into a strip mall in Cumming you will find this charming boutique donut shop. They are worth finding. These are high fashion donuts, Vogue if you will. 

The majority of the offerings are based on their raised yeast dough which is light, but still has some satisfying density and substance. If you want solid substance go for the cake style. Pumpkin is in season. bacon maple, coffee cream, nutella twist

Some gems:

Nutella twist. A long fluffy pasty cream spiked with nutella. A delicious standard for you chocolate lovers that don't want to go hardcore with a ganache boston cream.

Decadance is the bacon maple twist. A bacon wrapped circle of dough, unglazed but served with an in-your-face bacon fat maple syrup dip. A friend of mine said he wishes he could eat food like this in bed with his favorite lady. That's the kind of sin you will find in this donut.

Coffee cream filled-why hasn't anyone made me this donut before??? It is very much like having a donut with a frothy creamy latte in one bite. It's heaven for a coffee lover like me.

Cream sticks, I tried the powder sugar coated one (vs. ganache glazed option #2) is unique in shape and cream filling. It is pastry cream as you'd expect but a decidedly very intense rich vanilla flavor that is unusual in donut shops. 

rasperry filled, lemon cream, cream stick

The raspberry filled is just crazy fresh in flavor. There is love in this filling. 

Lemon filled (vs. Lemon meringue) has a homemade lemon curd that is buttery dense and the one that felt most decadent of the bunch.  It's not that gelatinous muck you find pushed inside your chain donut shops lemon donut. 

Latte is super smooth and medium richness. 

This sweet is worth going out of your way for. Service with a smile. 



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