New York Prime. A review.

A classic steakhouse indeed. Dark woody and royalty service.  The menu boasts the usual delicious suspects. All cuts of steak, a few fish and shellfish delights and a chicken for the red meat hater in the group. You'll even find a double cut veal chop here.

There is a delightful live performer there each night getting some guest up and dancing but overall it keeps the mood light even when the decor is dark.

The whole table got various cuts of beef, all cooked to perfection and tasted perfect as well.  I find steakhouses at this standard and pricepoint to be consistent in delivery of service and food quality. No exception here.

Sides are the deciding factor to me. Creamed spinach is as good as any I've had. The whole table sang praises.  I am glad to have gotten the full size portion vs. the single serving.  The 1 lb baked potato is dressed table side with all the fixins.  Nothing special but perfectly delicious. Braised mushrooms are tasty and generous. The hollandaise sauce for asparagus is incredbly flavorful and silky.  The bread basket was even a big hit with mix of big crusty white, spiced  fruit "bark" and a raisin walnut option. All delicious.

The chocolate chip cookie and ice cream dessert is so comfort satisfying goodness!  My real pick was the giant slice of NY cheesecake (brought in from Carnegie) and it is really spectacular in its simplicity. it is enough for 3 people, perhaps 4. You can get it with strawberries but I think all it needs is a cappuccino.  You do your way and I'll do mine.

I find the service attentive but not annoying. Quite perfect actually. 

Overall a very solid steakhouse experience. 9 out of 10.



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