Fig Jam Kitchen and Bar. A review.

You'll find Fig Jam Kitchen & Bar in brookwood hills. Good news, FREE PARKING and not a valet in sight. 

Before I get to the whole food situation can I talk atmosphere. The space is pretty spectacular as far as farm to table chic goes. It's as good as it can get or at least as far as my vivid imagination can allow. I am not interior designer but I am an artsy chick. That goes far. The kitchen is as open as the bar. Creative seating both indoor and out.  Well staffed. 10 out of 10 on all counts there. 

We are here to eat though. Atomosphere doesn't do much for an empty stomach. My heart sank considerably when both items I knew I wanted from the website menu were either SOLD OUT from the night before (the three step two day process of confit chicken wings) and the blue cheese chips are no longer on the menu. The fall menu launched but the website didn't know that.

They have an impressive signature cocktail list and again, the one I wanted was not available.  We did get the signature fig jam and and apple moonshine concoction coupled with cava. can you say low brow meets high brow in one flute? You sure can taste it. Peach bitters and  lemon juice give a surprisingly delicate taste. The Fig Jam of course comes out in a jar like mug. It's floral, figgy, and kissed with maple. It's suprisingly delicate too. Neither were sweet and went well with all the snacks that were ordered up. I'd be confident to order any of their creative drinks.   I found the cheese and chive popcorn a bit inspid. I don't find much that isn't powder or caramel to work well in popcorn applications. it's difficult to get anything to meld in well with the kernels. It also was oddly oily. There was a puddle in the bottom of the bowl. We didn't finish it.

cheese and chive popcorn

 The fried brussel sprouts really aren't fried  at all. They have  been bathing in pan of fat and cooked well, then finished with vinegar and seasoning.  They are tasty and a win for sprout lovers.  Just don't expect any crunch.

brussel sproutsFried pickles were a new experience for everyone at the table. I have to admit I have been curious to taste this bizarre southern nosh. What is delightful about Fig Jam's play on it is, while there are a slightly sweet dill pickle chip in this basket there are also fried pieces of red onion an jalepeno's!  I loved this cornmeal battered basket of joy. Buttermilk dip of course. They go down easy with the cocktails.


fried pickles, onions and jalepeno

Do not miss the short rib slider. I know we're all sick of seeing sliders on every menu (and I despise the word slider but I'll go with it when it's this damn good) The flavor on the braise is spectacular as is the melty in your mouth texture. Caramelized onions finish it perfectly.


short rib slidersThe arugula salad with gold beets, chevre and candied pecans is as good as any I've had. it's not as beet heavy as some others but that isn't bothersome. Just know going in it's not a beet salad, but a gold beet garnishing the salad. Nice dressing that doesn't interfere with the classic flavors. Greens were fresh and crisp.  The desserts are made in house (gelatos are not).  The frappucinno panna cotta is just perfect. It has the wobble of a woman's natural breast and is just as delicious. Impossibly silky and intoxicating if milky coffee is your jam. Nice sized portion as well. frappucino panna cotta


The choclate cake is cupcake like. It's a lightly sweet chocolate cake with a sour cream cap baked in. Served with a ganache schmear and a side of espresso gelato.  The gelato was downright divine.  light, flavorful and perfect texture. not too cold either.  The cake was good but not outstanding. It's going to give you the chocolate fix you desire but not knock your socks off. 






Decor 10, food just under an 8. I am curious to go back and try those special chicken wings.




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