Canton Cooks. A review.

You know these Americana Chinese joints. They are a dime a dozen in the burbs.  Good ones however are very few and far between.  Canton Cooks is one of the good ones. Any night of the week this place is packed with both Americans and Asians.  This may explain why none of the fried food has a dirty oil taste. The turnout is so fast and quality is being controlled. It's also being cooked at the correct temperature so the food isn't coming out oily or oil breaking down.

I won't go so far to say as the fried food is light by any means but it has a clean flavor.

I am reviewing the basics to see how they stack up against others of their kind: The egg rolls are crispy and fat. Chicken wings are light and crunchy, again I appreciate that they taste like chicken and not dirty oil. Sweet and sour pork. Finally !!!  A sweet and sour that boasts more than being greasy and flat. Sweet and sour needs more balance and this one has it (it's still a low rent sauce in general but this is one of the tastier orange goos) and the pork has the crisp non oily shell that lets the pork taste shine. Standard issue onion, pineapple and bell pepper chunks decorate the sauce. 

The staff is FAST and accomodating. I am ready to venture back for some more adventuresome dishes and update this review.


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