Seed Kitchen. A review.

Believe it or not there is a non chain restaruant in east cobb. It's still not destination dining but for the foodie crowd in east cobb it's nice to have a nearby option.

Seed is best described as a farm to table bistro. It's spacious and modern yet still feels cozy. The outdoor seating area is expansive and doesn't suck because it's in the back of the whole foods shopping center. Just a little Steinmart traffic. It beats peachtree road traffic outdoor seating. 

I ordered some grit fritters to feed my love of crunchy fried food. Out come 4 hushpuppy sized tomme filled creamy grit two bite cravable treats. They were resting in some jalepeno jelly sauce. Oh how I love these bites. Shame it was lunch or I'd love two order of them with a couple of cocktails.

grit and tomme fritters

The soup of the day was thai curried carrot. Silky smooth and delicate on the curry (personal preference on this one) finished with sesame oil. Carrots are not the most pleasant item to puree so I appreciated the effort and the color.  Nice but I think I'll forget it by the weekend.

thai curry carrot soup

Pumpkin ravioli with sage and pine nuts was my entree. The pasta is really quite thick and homey. I expected it to be a bit more refined here but it was tasty. swimming in a sage brown butter sauce with a generous dose of perfectly cooked criminis and nice crunch of pine nuts. Fall comfort food hit the spot on a cool october day outside. 

pumpkin sage ravioli

Double chocolate peanut butter crunch bar is fantastic. Ganachy goodness with a peanut butter of caramel like texture crunched up with nuts and what seemed to be crisped rice. Not overly sweet and overall satisfying for a chocolate tooth. 


double chocolate peanut crunch bar

Attentive service and lots of tasty menu options. I do believe I will return.


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