Hickory House. A review.

This is a bit of an oddity in the Dunwoody area. Across the street you will find Fresh Market.  Hickory House has been in this location longer than any of the surrounding establishments. I suspect the regulars will keep it that way. It is old school southern both in appearance and in the menu.

It's not all barbecue on the menu as you may suspect, there is the usual suspects like ribs, pork and beef (not brisket, roast) but you will also find southern favorites like country fried steak, squash casserole and okra. There is salad and a menu named dieter's special  They don't want to exclude anyone. No doubt those were added in to make it Dunwoody friendly.  Sweet tea is a given. I'll have mine half cut thank you.

I ordered the country fried steak, not a dieter's special but there is a choice of portion size. The regular is small and won't make you feel like you  n eed to unbotton your pants because you can't resist cleaning your plate. The meat had no grissle which suprised me. I have had so many country fried steaks and more often than not some of it is not edible.  This was a tender cubed steak with a crust that stays crisp. Gravy is brown and sides are diners choice. Mashed potatoes perplexed me a bit. I really felt they were a half cut version of homemade. They had a taste of a cross between dried potato flakes and homemade fresh mashed potatoes. I ate them all but that was my opinion of them. Slaw is forgettable. Not terribly creamy or terribly fresh cabbage. That didn't get finished.

Very reasonable prices and fast service. Breakfast is a popular time and likely where most of their business comes from. I will go back for more country fried steak. I will just order different sides next time. 



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