Pie Shop. A Review.

I have been looking forward to finding my way into Pie Shop for the past  2 months or so. 

It's a unique little shop. I am not clear on the concept but happy to see all the treats available. They are selling mainly retail to us average Joes in the public versus mass producing for restaurants. I half wish they would sell to restaurants more. You know how many disappointing desserts show up after dinner in more places than not. 
You have to pull around back and parking is very limited. It's not what I would call a dine in place. You get your pie and go although there are a couple of tiny tables to dine and dash.  Pies are both savory and sweet, tassies, hand pies, traditional, quiche, pot pie, etc. Anything you can do with a crust you will see it here. Variations change very regularly so check the menu before you go in case your heart is set on something that isn't coming out of the oven today.
These pies have a loving homemade look and taste. These aren't overly ornate perfect looking bakery pies. These are the pies you'd make if you know how to bake great pies at home. maybe your grandmother does but she lives too far to run over for a slice of apple on Wednesday afternoon.
I sampled two:
Ganache pie has a very thin (in this case over baked crust) with delicious rich chocolate filling and real whipped cream generously layered on top of the filling. Nice level of sweetness and balance. The overbake on the crust took away from the delicate balance of filling and cream but I'd love to re try it when the crust is left and nice blonde brown.  I give it a 7 out of 10 but with the right crust it has 10 potential.

Ganache pie
Coconut cream pie. Finally the perfect one. True butter crust that melds so well with coconut cream. More fresh whipped cream on top and toasted coconut shavings. The cream layer has great flavor and a homey texture.  It is without question the best one I've tasted. I will be buying a whole pie as soon as I have an occasion for one. Good job pie shop!
coconut cream pie
I pray they get enough business to stay open in the odd set up they have but fans like me hopefully will keep them alive and thriving!  Savory tasting up next. Can't wait!


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