Souper Jenny. A Review.

If you can get past the silly name you will find some tasty fresh eats inside. Located in a very busy parking lot behind east andrews is this homey cafe. The menu changes everyday so if you get your heart stuck on something you had a month ago, it will be broken. 

The dine in service is the same order style as seated service. You enter, walk the line of the fresh items of the day (soups and special sandwiches laid out for quick cheerful service), pick what you like and pay (then sit or take your treats to eat offsite).  Dine in diners get an odd miss mash of grandma's style plates and bowls. Charming really.

Soups come in three sizes so if you want to share with one or more pals you easily can have that option. Sandwiches are comfortably sized but not huge like a deli would serve up (Lady portions). All varieties of both soups and sandwhiches have tasted extrordinarily fresh. I found one week the sandwhich to have very little flavor (unbalanced ingredients) yet other times I could lay awake not being able to forget how well flavored what was between the bun that day.  It is a hit or miss like that but 7 out of 10 times you will get a hit.

Some meals you get a gratis drink and cookie of the day otherwise it's a la carte. All in all a good lunch option if you want healthy, fresh and quick but can't do a drive through. I'd call it a chick joint but I've always seen a percentage of manly men in there so let's not call it that.  Men like to watch their girlish figures and cholesterol levels too.


pear and brie sandwhich on onion roll with fig jam.

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