Original Pancake House. A Review

I have been eating here, to me what is an institution of Atlanta, for 20 years nearly. I haven't been to the Varsity and mary mac's tea room is southern over kill but the pancake house never gets old. Breakfast should be familiar and cover all the bases.  This is not the time of day a person wants to wake up and see ridiculous concoctions. 

The dutch baby is a good solid breakfast staple of OPH.  If you aren't daring enough to try a apple pancake by yourself share it with the table. You'll want your own next time. The apple pancake could be a close second but don't overwhelm yourself with adding fruit to it too soon. 

sour starter pancakes are a win. All the eggs you could dream of. Compotes for your waffles (or anything else you want stewed fruit on). You wanted freshly squeezed citrus juice? Lucky you, you're in the right place for it. The coffee is more than decent. mini pitchers of heavy cream come with many menu items and I am not complaining.  It's nice with coffee or cream of wheat (yes it's breakfast, a time when bland is good). Let me not fail to mention all the crepes. sigh. 

I know you want bacon. Again, good thing you're here. OPH has it along with sausage, salami, hash and even chicken. 

The potatoes I can take or leave but I don't go to breakfast for potatoes. I go for everything else. This isn't the place to go to for biscuits but more all american vs. southern american fare. It's founded in Oregon and not Augusta. It's been a mainstay in town for this long for a reason. Wake up and go go but be prepared to wait for a table. 



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