Mo Mo Ya/Golden Buddah. A review.

I am a longtime fan of this charming multicultural establishment. Nearly an iconic location now in Buckhead. The food is always quite decent (I've been at least two dozen times over the years) but what really sets it apart is the atmosphere. This is a place that is always quiet and peaceful.

 There is a big water garden outside with view from every area. Every being three seperate styles of cooking. Chinese, Japanese steakhouse and Japanese/sushi. The prices are very reasonable and food is always fast and quite tasty. It's a bit dated in decor but I am not bothered by that.

Favorites include: general tso's chicken, all sushi rolls, tempura vegetables, walnut shrim, moo goo gai pan, fried rice (some of the best I've had in Atlanta) and mu shoo pork. I have yet to find really fantastic Chinese food in the city but this is some of the better of the numerous options. The sushi isn't groundbreaking but it's just fine.


I will go at least a dozen more times in the next 6 months no doubt.



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