Harry and Sons. A Review.

The last  type of food I expected when my friend suggested we go here. Thai from Harry and his sons?  Ok why not. I make a mean Thai for an Irish girl. Why not give Harry and his offspring a go?

Thai is the Asian darling of Atlanta.  Harry and sons certainly will feed that lust nicely in the highlands. It’s likely not enormously better than your neighborhood Thai joint but it certainly can hold its own.

My barometer of a Thai restaurant is how well they put out Masaman curry. This one was everything you expect in masaman. Silky, creamy, balanced and garnished well with cashews and avocado. Perfectly cooked rice (what a fail if an Asian joint can’t get this spot on). 

Super crunch roll is well, super. Fresh, crunchy and beautifully executed.

Rainbow roll is equally fantastic.

Good service but warning that it gets busy early. We got there by 6 and within 45 minutes on a weeknight  it was standing room only.  Good job Harry and Sons. 

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