Miller Union. A review.

At long last I knocked this one off my “to try” list.  Miller Union is in a quasi industrial area so be prepared if you opt to sit outside you are going to hear the freight trains and 18 wheelers passing you by so closely the earth will move, not to mention the noise.

Sunset on the Miller Union patio


It has a decidedly upscale farmhouse feel inside. The menu absolutely is farm to table, vegetable heavy with some nice creativity. This also means the menu will change with some frequency.


First up a few starters:


Creamy grits fritter with country ham and Thomasville Tomme-What a delightful bite this is! Tiny balls full of flavor. Fried crisp without a trace of grease. Subtle ham, smooth texture and the tome is oozing out like southern arancini.  grit fritters with ham and thomasville tomme


Butternut squash and scallion fritters with lemon ricotta-these are more of a patty style fritter. Sweet tender squash with nice flavor but an odd finish from the scallion. I didn’t dislike them but I wouldn’t order again. The silky lemon ricotta is divine. I was glad to share the plate because I wouldn’t have finished it on my own.   

squash and scallion fritters with lemon ricotta


pork belly

Sorghum glaze pork belly with sweet potato puree-this was disappointing. This is sadly becoming a near constant frustration of mine. Pork belly is peppered on menus all over Atlanta and a miniscule amount of them are being made well. If you aren’t going to do it right don’t do it at all. The pork tasted old, not rendered well and the flavors weren’t properly married. The puree was delicious and apple garnish fresh and light.  $12 for this is laughable. I find the menu to be a few dollars overpriced at every turn especially considering how modest the portions are.




Pork tenderloin with apples and butternut squash roast and arugula salad.  We ordred it med rare and med rare it was. Deliciously tender and seasoned perhaps with a kiss too much salt but the pairing with a more bland vegetable roast on the same forkful made it all balance out. The arugula salad complimented the dish as a whole. I absolutely recommend.  pork tenderloin



Chocolate torte, poached pears, nocello sabayon- Rich ganache like dark chocolate of what I’d guess to be 70%+ dark. Low on sweetness and high on flavor. Dense silky texture with an unknown source of crisp element. Pear had a light fall spice on it. The Sabayon was too delicately flavored for the power of the chocolate but had an excellent texture. Every bit was eaten.  chocolate torte


I am also disappointed two things I really wanted aren’t available for dinner: the burger and the homemade ice cream sandwiches. I will go back for lunch at some point to try these but probably not return for dinner any time soon. I had great service and don't want to slight them on that factor.

I am split 50/50 on this. I don’t know if I like it or don’t. The lunch burger will be the deciding factor.

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