Meehan's Sandy Springs. A Review.

The Meehan’s locations have been doing these creative pairing menu dinners as of late and I am really excited to see it happening.  Letting creative chefs doing menus like these are a winning combination for both the diners and chefs a like.  This was my first time eating at the Sandy Springs location and I was excited. I heard from several people that Chef Val Domingo really has some great game in the kitchen.

Keep an eye out for these pairing dinners if you're an open minded foodie.

This was a Terrapin beer pairing dinner with a side of Pink Floyd music delivered by an obliging cover band. Fun all around.

Amuse:  Lobster mousse profiteroles with smoked tomato cream.

Two delicate puffs were put in front of me in a shallow bath of sauce.  Tucked inside the profiterole was a smooth delicate mousse, not too light nor too heavy and perfectly seasoned. The lobster was the star. The smoke on the sauce was very slight as to not blow out the palate early on. I loved every bite.

Lobster profiterole with smoked tomato cream 

First course-green salad

Very simple, I thought at first too simple but in retrospect after the heavier following courses it was perfect.  Soft lettuce and an even softer dressing. Crisp, bright and refreshing.  


Second course-root beer glazed pork belly with Vermont cheddar grits

This dish sold me on the dinner before I even got there and it absolutely did not disappoint.  Tender and flavorful yet deliciously fatty pork belly perched on top of creamy well flavored grits. Excellent caramelization was almost intoxicating me as I took each bite.  This is the foodie kind of dish that makes serious eaters want to burst out in song.   The “big hoppy monster” beer paired nicely with it bringing out the best in each other. 

root beer glazed pork belly-incredible! 

Third course-petite beef wellington with goat cheese mushroom duxelle and the biggest yorkshire pudding I've ever seen (why don't mine get that big?)

Size matters. So does technique.   A perfectly cooked filet was tucked inside the biggest yorkshire pudding I've ever seen.  Instead of traditional liver/pate in the wellington Chef Val used an earthy goat cheese and it worked like a charm. The silky perfection melted in my mouth and was entirely satisfying for a beef lover. I forgot I was in an Irish Style pub. If you're a red pepper fan this coulis was for you. Nice compliment to everything else going on on the plate.

big much?

seriously could it be cooked any more perfectly?

Fourth course-Bailey's chocolate mousse with almond praline cup and berries

Of course bailey's had to make an appearance. This is an Irish pub after all. What I respected so much about this plate is the restraint. It's easy to go over the top with overpowering liquor and sugar in dessert. Not in any step of the way did that happen here. A rich but modestly aired mousse kissed with delicate flavors. Even the praline cup was not overtly sweet but rather added a delightful and delicious textural component versus just being a vehicle for the mousse. The Dark Side beer had a wicked tasty molasses note that I loved with the chocolate. It just worked.


Delightful service and cozy pub atmosphere. Couple that with this kind of food, I am a fan!

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