Dantanna's Downtown. A review.

After a quasi long day at a Omni Hotel trade show all I had on my mind was one thing: A big hamburger. This craving comes from getting up and odd hours an attempting to be vegan for 1+ weeks for the sake of a blog.

The rest of my group was more than happy to oblige my craving and Dantanna's was the obliging eatery due to location and burger reputation.

Seven women go into a sports bar...

It's game day. I couldn't tell what or which games but Dantanna's was full of men in various jerseys and every parking lot I saw had tailgating going on. I don't understand the concept of parking lot grilling and cement folding chair sitting but alas it's not my world.

We were quickly seated in a private alcove area and a server came right over. A very decent beer, wine and cocktail menu was presented. Then glancing at the food menu I of course went right to the special area noted "Dantanna's famous burgers". Jackpot. It's simple and to the point.  Basic burger all the way up to a "heart attack". I happened to see a gentleman in eyeshot enjoying his heart attack. This one boasts fried onions, fried egg, double bacon and it's sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. yes really. Something you'd be dared to eat and probably wouldn't mind accepting the challenge. I opted fora more simple version. swiss only with standard condiments. My burger arrived perfectly cooked.  Big, thick juicy and boy did that first, second third and 15th bite hit the spot.

Fries are another issue. I realize fries are personal preference so I will say this as objectively as I can.  They have what seems to be a coating on them for crispness but they aren't very flavorful. I only ate a few.

I like the menu and had I not had on my burger craving blinders I would have tried 3 or 4 of the menu items such as braised duck nachos and  peppered calamari (it comes with artichokes). It has a gastropub vs a sports bar lineup.


I'll go back when 1. I am in the area and 2. in the specific food mood. It hits the spot.



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