The Highland Tap. A Review.

This falls into the category of a place I like in part because of the atmosphere. It’s just so damn cozy. Cavernous dungeon steakhouse feel. The highlands are easily my favorite area to get my eat-on. It’s chock full of neighborhood gems. Shame it’s not my neighborhood.

First I want to cover brunch. The tap is in my top 3 of brunch places. It’s not in my neck of the woods so generally I just venture there Sunday morning if I happen to be waking up in the area.  The dim cave is nice in the morning so not to have a rude awakening of bright sun and too clear a view of people recovering from Saturday night sins.

The benedicts have always been solid. Smooth unbroken hollandaise, perfect poach on the eggs. Filet medallions are a nice addition as are the crabcakes. I am a purist with my benedict but for those of you more wild and crazy about your classics, you’re in good hands here.  Still need to try that briskit (no really it's spelled that way on the menu) hash. The idea of it haunts me.

Dinner: I love love love walking down into the cave at night for a dinner date. It falls into the parameters of a date restaurant for me. It’s dim, not too noisy in the dining room (the bar area is a crapshoot and that’s cool) and good walk around area for after dinner as weather allows. Hit Paulo’s for gelato if he’s still open He’s a crapshoot so good luck with that but you’re safe to stay on for decent desserts at the tap.

I find the steaks to be very capable consistency of quality , flavor and correct done ness. It’s not the best steakhouse in town but it can hold its own.  Wedge salad is just fine. Steakhouse classic. Burgers are very fine indeed. Again, I am a purist to some extent about burgers but there are plenty of notable add ons for eaters that want to sass it up. Including a fried pork tenderloin variant. Oink.

Desserts vary so I won’t entice you with some items that may never appear again but all three I’ve had have been quite grand.

Watch your step but definitely venture down.

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