Paolo's. A destination gelato.


I have asked countless people countless times if Paulo’s is still open. Why? Not because it’s not good. Because it’s not always open during common sense business hours. I don’t know what to make of this. Do Italian’s take siesta’s? Here in America our gastronomic demands never sleep. Somehow the two must meet a happy medium.

When Paulo himself is in, he’s a mixed bag of personality traits but one doesn’t go because the owner is charming.  The staff is a mix of Europersonlities too .  While perhaps not the most gracious of staff it is part of the experience.  The lines are often horrendous due to how very small of an establishment it is (don’t expect to get a cone and sit inside for half an hour licking it down to nonexistence). Also the sporadic hours don’t help.

It’s about the gelato.  For me since the highlands are very much out of the way it’s a destination spot to go when weather allows for getting a cold treat and walking around the charming neighborhood with a friend or two. It is really delicious and you will find the typical impressive span of traditional and more creative flavors to choose from –or combine. Bring cash. That’s all they accept. Bring extra. This gelato ain’t cheap.

I will be back. I only hope they are open when I pull up.

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