Bistro Margot. A Romantic Review.

This was a welcome nook of French heaven in old town.  Cranberry walls, Frenchie art and all about romance. Definitely go with a date. My date happens to have great taste (he shares my own taste) and we took our happy chef asses out for some French. As chefs do. It’s the king of cuisines.

I will warn as with most any French restaurant the service is spotty so keep your expectations in check.

Chefs risotto of the day quite mesmorized us both. Upon perfectly cooked risotto  was duck confit, baby spinch and dried cranberries. C’est magnifique! 

Roasted beet salad (gold and red) with goat cheese and walnuts is lovely. I seem to always get this but a good beet is hard to beat. No pun. I mean it.

Veal with citrus buerre blanc and pate a choux gnocchi. Divine. Melt in my mouth gnocchi and the buerre blanc complimented tender delicate veal to perfection.

Of course more duck is needed. Duck is a must in a French establishment. It is. In fact it may be a law to consume  a particular amount based on personal body weight. Duo of duck , confit and breast with green lentils and green peppercorn sauce is brightly flavored for such a wonderfully fatty bird and well executed.

Fairly affordable for the quality of food. I don’t consider French cheap eats nor do I want to. I am going back. I heart Bistro Margot.

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