Cibo e Beve. A Review

Cibo e Beve is new on the scene. First impressions are good so far.  Another gem in the 101 Concepts crown located in the same center  as Food 101 on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. Because of Chef Linda Harrell's affinity for Italian cuisine, they have re-energized this concept into a location that is both cozy and chic at the same time.   Like their other concepts, you will find generous portions delivered to the table.


What really excited my eye was the vibrant San Agostino green olives. Delicately flavored fatty green jewels charmingly served in a mason jar. Get over your eating pit-in olives in public issues and order some.

 I never knew an olive could taste so fresh!

Arancini is fairly decent. What’s not to love about a fried ball of risotto? It comes on a light bed of marinara. I was a hamachi virgin until this night. What was I waiting for (perhaps lack of it on menus elsewhere)? Incredibly fresh, stunningly dressed and balanced in flavor. Can I have 4 more orders please?

 the Hamachi you want to eat. Promise.

White bean and escarole soup is solid. I am going back for more when the weather cools so I can have my soul warmed by this homey well flavored comfort food.


Butter Poached Scallops with confit shallot risotto, white chocolate fennel veloute, popcorn shoots is genius. Every part of this dish is exquisitely executed.     Romanced by the scallop. True story.


Ricotta cheesecake is smoother than many others I’ve had. It’s kissed with sweetness and lovingly enhanced with meyer lemon. It was a nice way to end my meal.

 Meyer lemon brings this cheesecake home.




Do not miss the wine list! Pop in for small plates and wines you can take notice of.

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