Zinc Brasserie. A Review.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such good French food in Sandusky!   Delightful waterfront area.  A good sign is how busy it was on a Saturday night.  Even the bar was packed with people eating full meals.



The menu is spectacular. Farm to table French. Local produce is used and menu gets based on what is fresh. As it should.


First up, charcuterie. Delicious duck proscuitto, liver and truffle mousse, duck galantine and country pate. All excellent.


Next, white king salmon (alaskan) over some really incredible red wine and truffle barley risotto.   Beet salad with fried crisp brie chunks, peptias and beet syrup was lovely. Dice of both gold and red beets cooked perfectly.  The cheese was maybe the wrong one to be fried for this purpose but it had a nice taste.     White king salmon with red wine truffle barley risotto. DIVINE!

The lobster bisque is nicely flavored but was a bit over thickened and under creamed.  

Mousse au chocolat is as good as any I've had.


I do love my chocolate.

  I'd absolutely go back if I were a local.

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