Two Urban Licks. A Review.

I am not as big a fan as I once was. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the past handful of times I have gone it was because the location was convenient.

Unless you go early it is LOUD.  The food is certainly decent but the menu is feeling stale to anyone that has been more than a time or two. It's a super cool looking renovated warehouse (hence the noise) and tricky to find if you don't know where to go. I happen to like this fact.

I have never had anything but great service, great wine and great cocktails. 

Now for the food:

The salmon chips, while tasty, are much too large to eat with any sort of of manners. I realize size matters in presentation but theory and reality don't always come together so perfectly.  

My favorite thing there is the flash fried oysters. Sadly they were out of them on my last visit but the other visits they were always part of my order.   Delicate melt in your mouth morsels packed with flavor drizzles all over.

Pulled pork spring rolls-utterly forgettable.

Beef rib is exceptional. A safe bet every time. So is the bistro steak. Delicious chimichurri on top and heavenly mushrooms-a bright and unique combination of flavors. Altogether satisfying.

Gouda grits I will never tire of but the scallops atop them are just okay. Tomato broth garnishing it is quite tasty but I suppose the addage of cheese and seafood remains true. It's a fail.    

I haven't had an impressive dessert there yet.  The pistachio ice cream had little flavor and the cookies even more bland.    

I may go back one more time but I am looking for a new favorite in the area.

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