Bone Marrow in Atlanta! Food 101


If you're like me, you didn't know Food 101 in Sandy Springs has moved over to a Farm to Table concept!!!  Not only that but the interior has been revamped and it's now incredibly warm and inviting.  As of yet, it's not a regular menu item but when I was in they had bone marrow as one of the starter specials! How could I resist such a rare find? sign me up! Last time I had the delicacy it was at Michael Symon's Lola in Cleveland. Never have I seen it on a menu in Atlanta. It's out there no doubt but nowhere I've dined.


It's served with seasonal house made jam (peach happens to be in season) and my first experience with pickled okra. Also made in house. What a divine flavor experience! What is usually slimy was now like velvet and it had a nice crunch and finished with a pleasant heat. Bravo to the chef!   The marrow is roasted with salt and served warm ready to spoon over the toasted bread. Adorn your bite with some jam and enjoy the decadence.  You won't find it again so easily.

 Three meatloaf

You're welcome.

P.S. Don't miss the 3 meat loaf and save room for the cheese course menu listed with the desserts. Another gem you'll find inside.



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