JCT Kitchen revisited.


I am not shy to say this restaurant is fast becoming my favorite. It’s rare I repeat a restaurant when I live in a city with many good, if not great options.


We found ourselves on the rooftop bar area to start with some cocktails and snacks. At long last I tried the angry mussels. You’ve seen them in the news. I can confirm this dish is newsworthy.  Their house-made bacon is in that bowl, along with some cream, serrano chiles and delicious rustic grilled bread for soaking up the  savory liquid to end all mussel liquids. I don’t mean to neglect mentioning the raw oysters.  As good as any I’ve had.


Down into the restaurant for dinner.  This is where the magical moment happened for me.  The pre dinner eats were somewhat filling so an entrée is all we each had.  I only wish my tummy could have held a salad and dessert course but it wasn’t meant to be this time.  My eyes kept going to the fried chicken. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite anyway?  Avoiding it is like driving by a car wreck and not looking.  YOU HAVE TO.  Out it came. Perfectly golden along with bright cooked greens and an unassuming small bowl of mac and cheese WITH BACON in it.  Really?  With zero hesistation, I went in with my fork. I preface what I am about to say with the fact that I find no pleasure in pasta in any form.  This bowl is a game changer.  Never have I tasted such a creamy well flavored and balanced macaroni and cheese. The bacon was plump yet crisp and correctly rendered.  The cheese sauce didn’t split.  I had another one of those rare loss for words moments when food is just that good and your senses are overwhelmed. Of course the chicken was crispy and juicy all at once . Fresh greens correctly cooked and simply seasoned.  Sure it’s southern food but it’s not homestyle gamble of greasy spoon preparations. It’s all done RIGHT.  There is never anything wrong with simple food but it has no tolerance for a misstep. No missteps on my entree.

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