Sushi Mio Japanese. A review.

It's worth going inside the unassuming establishment. It's modest in decor. I went with an actual Japanese - born and raised.  He was entirely dubious of it due to the strip mall locale but aren't most of the sushi joints in this town located in a strip mall? My mind was open. Let's get our eat-on!

It was a friday night and it wasn't particularly busy. It also was an early hour as we had plans past dinner and had to get an early start on the night.  One bite of sushi as it arrived in beautiful presentation and his mind was changed. "for the price this is really good!" he exclaimed. I couldn't agree more. Bright, fresh and tasty.  It's certainly convenient for many residences in the Sandy Springs area and affordable enough to go for your weekly sushi craving. 

I will definitely go back. I am a fan. This isn't Japan. It's Atlanta. 

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