Twist. A Review.

This is the kind of place that brings out the worst in many people. Insecurities of needing to be seen and whatnot (seriously who is looking and why do you care?)  Before more than about 10 guests arrive the wooded mood lit space is quite lovely although it's disjointed if it's meant to be a restaurant setup. It's more like a club. Strike. It's very much like Shout in that regard, and equally loud. 

That said, the food and service has always been solid and reasonably price. Interesting menu with items sure to please your party hopping clan or one-on-one foodies.

I went a second time and sat outside so I could actually enjoy my dining companion. A much better experience. I see no point in going out to eat if you can't have dinner conversation without waking up with a sore throat the next day from strained talking. If you thrive in a boisterious trendy environment yet demand good food and drink be put in front of you at the same time this is your spot. Look no further.

If I ever open my own place and stop cooking for the rich and famous I will have one designed with soundproof booths ---and doors.

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