Anis Bistro - a review

Outward apperances , a charming French restuarant in the heart of Buckhead.


The good, the bad and the ugly.

Good: The establishment itself is delightfully charming.  Definitely a date restaurant. Inside and outside I can't say a negative word about the decor or vibe. Mussels were heavenly. No doubt the best I've had in Atlanta (probably due to the fabulously heavy hand with the cream). What little I saw of my server, she was wonderfully knowledgable. I saw actual French diners in there and felt it would be a promising meal.

Bad: Service was slow - or do we say European? I didn't want the table for the night, just for a couple of hours. Water came right away but it's a steamy night in Georgia in June. Bring on the ice cold Chablis already-- Not half an hour after we sit down. Darling plastic bag shaped ice bucket for the bottle was  a welcome table addition.  Another 10 minutes to take an order that was ready to be give with the wine order.  Good thing the scene is nice or I would have been more impatient than I already was.

Both of us got one of the two special entrees of the night. I had a steak that , while cooked perfectly and the wild mushroom corn hot buttery relish atop it was good , the actual cut of meat was not. more tendon than edible. The tilefish special was quite good though. Interesting combinations of proteins and sides on the menu. For that I say Brava.

Now the very unfortunate ugly. French desserts are legendary. I don't believe  the chef knows this. No mousse on the menu. No I am not joking.  We selected flourless chocolate cake and profiteroles. The cake was too eggy and the profiteroles were overcooked and burned in parts. 4 out of 10 stars for that. Wasted potential is such a shame.

I can't recommend this place for foodies unfortunately. I wanted to love it as French is my cuisine of choice.

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