Goldberg's Deli. A Review

This is the Buckhead location.

I've only had bagels once here. Yum. Standard delicious lox platter you'd expect from a deli.  The brisket sandwich is heavenly moist, flavorful and VOLUMINOUS. Enough to have three meals out of with the generous portions.  

The sweets are not their strong point. The savory is. I haven't found a bakery with cookies better than my own homemade so why I even bother to try them I don't know. Hope springs eternal in human beings. 

If you're doing the takeout situation it's a little disorganized and checkout is always painfully slow. I will continue to go despite the crapshoot cookies and spotty service. I never go to a deli for service, I go for the food. This is a win.

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