Fellini's Pizza. A Review.

I will preface my review with the fact that I am not a pizza person (or anything Italian) but on occasion when the rest of my friends or coworkers want it I will go along with the popular vote as my hunger commands.

I had a calzone once that really was spectacular. I dreamed about it for days after. I had it again 3 weeks later and it was nothing like the first time. I couldn't even eat a quarter of it.  It was a little heartbreaking after I was so impressed the first time. I saw another reviewer say it's either overdone or underdone and I share that thought. 

I've had a slice here and there of pizza that friends have ordered over the years and found it utterly forgettable. At this point it's just about location and it's essentially a landmark in Buckhead now like the big chicken is in Marietta. You go because it's there, not because it's particularly good.

It's a good location but I'd keep driving to find a better slice.

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