Dear Jean Georges

Last week my colleague was hosting the full moon party at the rooftop bar of Market.  A group of us decided to grab a bite at Market first.  With no shame do I say this: all my heart desired was a hamburger. Surely enough one is featured on the Market menu. Jackpot!

It arrives in a timely manner AFTER being brought what is with no doubt the best margarita I've ever had (don't get me started on the insipid highball glass it was served in).  Firstly the promise of the menu serving onion strings with the burger apparently was a mirage in my starved short term memory. Acceptable fries were on the plate instead. I dived into my burger. I was hungrier than I ever remember being in my adult life.  hmmm. Really, is this a preformed burger? Premade, prefrozen perhaps? It sure tastes of it. For $16 I expect freshly ground to order meat.  I didn't finish it.  I also didn't stop praising the margarita all night even up in to the bar hours.   I didn't want to drink in the bar, I wanted the valrhona cake that was haunting my thoughts non stop after seeing it on the menu. I had the bar girl order me one from the restaurant. It was worth all the logistical troubles.  Warm, oozing, decadently irrististable and satisfying chocolate lava shaped like a flower. Perfection.

The last $16 burger I had was in NYC 24 years ago. In a hilton bar. We talked about the horrors of the price for a decade. Hello inflation.

 I will try Spice Market again but not anytime soon. Likely it will be because I am at an event nearby and need a bite pre party.

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