Prime. A review.

Meat mall dining. Lenox is a pain in the arse to maneuver these days and with that said unless you’re shopping I wouldn’t recommend going to the mall just for the food here.

It’s an attractive space for certain. Elegant, dim lights, etc. The service is a bit of a crapshoot. I’ve had it very decent to downright feeling like I was forgotten about.

It’s a steakhouse base with plenty of Asian influenced offerings as well as some nice seafood selections if everyone at the table isn’t gung ho for red meat. Beyond the obligatory roast chicken it is nice to see more creative non red options and, in fact,  the menu without the steak selection is quite fantastic. Then again why go to a steak joint if that’s an issue? I am a steakhouse purist but understand at a mall you need more mass appeal.

Speaking of Asian influences, the sushi is damn good here. If you just want to belly up to the bar and have a drink and a roll it will be your pleasure.

If you can hit it up for early bird half price steaks between 5 and 6 ish you’ll enjoy it more than paying the high full prices on select cuts. I’ve had better for less money. I haven’t had a bad meal here and obviously I’ve been more than once but don’t plan to go back.  I’ve had steak 3x and two of the three had some trimming issues on the cuts. For the prices charged and perhaps I wrongly assume standards I expect flawless beef.

Sides: Truffled cream corn is heavenly as is the mushroom ragout. I found the asparagus with hollandaise to be tasty but a very modest portion.  The mash is basic but done really well.


All in all I say 7 out of 10. I’d rather be at Chops.

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