French American Brasserie. A Review.

FAB is really beautiful large space downtown. Two floors and a rooftop. Upon entering you will see fresh seafood on ice with a large bar area wrapping around the center of the first floor.  We were quickly seated and soon after greeted by our server. 

The menu has been revamped to a simple more budget friendly page. A little bit of everything and not overwhelming as sometimes French menus can be especially for French food novices.


Creamy onion soup We picked two soups. They came out in generous sized crocks. French onion soup was untraditionally delicious. It has a creamy texture with subtle sweetness. Solid depth of flavor, petite crouton, cheese and scallon garnish makes it easy to eat with company. 

White bean soup with truffle oil and bacon garnish. Silky smooth and warm smokey flavor. As good as any white bean soup I've had and in many instances, better. 



I was an escargot virgin until this night. The shells looked so beautiful in the bowl and I could smell the delicious buttery garlic bath they were resting in from 2 feet away.  Nicely flavored and balanced. Sip a glass of chardonnaywith this treat.

The cheese course was pleasant as far as the diary assortment but the accompaniments were not quite as well received. The spiced apricot jam was just too perfumey and the apple butter like dallop was not doing the cheeses any favors.       My companion commented, and I agree, the table individual baguettes were more crust than soft bread and while I appreciate the personal sized loaves they missed the mark.

  The entrees were nice. We selected the rabbit and steak frite salad. I didn't taste the rabbit (I don't eat bunny) but the steak was delicious despite it being left on the pass too long. It was almost cold.  The flavor was beefy and rich. cooked perfectly and the herby garlic butter melting over it was divine. The potatoes had a delicious light flavor and the spicy salad brought it all together nicely. I'd absolutely order it again.


 Steak frite salad




I ordered a napoleon dessert but the waiter got word it was my birthday so I got more than I asked for and I wasn't complaining. A plethora of desserts the restaurant offers was presented. The diplomat cream in the napolean is divine. scented with cognac and complimented with berries, it is all things French.

Freshly fried donuts were another unexpected treat. Crisp warm and cozy tasting.

Without question , and it's not on the menu (yet), was the french cheese tart with dulce de leche sauce. I was a little at loss for words each time I took a bite. It's an exquisite creation by the chef.  Creme brulee is as good as any. I'd say any dessert you order after your meal won't disappoint.


fresh donuts birthday dessert extravaganzaService was excessive (but incredibly accomodating) to the point of annoyance but overall it was a really pleasant experience.   8 out of 10.


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