Ecco. A Review.

Stylish elegant yet approachable décor. There are a few outdoor tables if al fresco dining is your wish.  The bar is centered in its space vs being up against a wall. This allows an enticing view of the wines as well as keeping the single room location with maximum size feel.  Both cocktails were quite outstanding. The inclusion of fresh juices was obvious upon first sips. To me that is an excellent indicator of standards. If you’re a cocktail person absolutely don’t deprive yourself at Ecco. 

Once seated you will see a quite large open kitchen. I happened to be dining during the once annual 10 day seafoodfest. It appears about 75% of the regular menus is abolished in this time and an expansive sea menu is replacing it.

Neither of us was sure how we felt about that but when in Rome…

frittes with creme fraiche and salmon roe

 From the special seafood menu came the Frittes with salmon roe and creme fraiche. Certainly not the most attractive dishes you can order but tastewise it is tough to beat. Think upscale barfood you can't keep your fingers off.  This should be a regular menu item.


Roasted oystersI wanted one of the 3-4 oyster options on the special menu so ventured for a preparation I've not had before. Roasted.  Probably the last time I will have them. They were fresh, cooked correctly and nicely seasoned but I believe this is the least impressive thing you can do with such a delicious sea morsel.  I was wishing I selected a different oyster option. 

The $4 bowl of olives are generous but a little problematic.  The heat on the brown olives is much too aggressive for a starter/snack. Your palate will be blown out by these and ruin the rest of your meal. The green olives are another story entierely. Fruity, elegant and even a bit floral. Utterly delightful. Pick and chose carefully. These babies are house cured. I hope the chef tones them down a bit in the future.

There is a cheese and cured meat sampler available and it's a handsome selection to choose from and build your favorites (or try something new). I selected delicious speck and two cheeses. Excellent quality and flavor on all.  The table bread is a country white, good crust and tender interior with nice density.   


Now for something warm and comforting from the regular menu. Squash fritters with chive aioli. Absolutely delicious. These are mash based vs. shredded and they are seasoned perfectly. The morsels are cooked in oil hot enough to resist absorption. Not a trace of grease. The vibrant green aioli is also vibrant in flavor and an excellent compliment to the fritters. Excellent fall dish.


squash fritters with chive aioli




All these tasties had us full enough to just need a light bit of dessert to complete the meal. We were talked into trying the olive oil chocolate chip ice cream and coffee ice cream. 

I didn't get a big hit of olive oil flavor but it had a nice saltiness to balance the sweet chocolate chip base. Not bad at all. The coffee ice cream has a milky finish and definite espresso flavor vs more of a creamy coffee flavor. Not bad and I should add the portions are huge. This is one portion in two glasses below.


 I find the food a bit hit or miss. I'd like to go back when the regular menu is in full force and see how the regular repetoire fares.

7 out of 10.


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