Le Triskell French Creperie. A takeout review.

After luxuriating in the plethora of creperies in San Francisco I really feel the lack in Atlanta. I often resort to making my own when the mood strikes. Pancakes don't ring my bell but a delicate thin crepe, eggy tender and subtle deliciousness is something that always rubs me just right.

I was excited when my fellow foodie friend suggested some lunch from Le Triskell. A creperie in Atlanta!? Sign me up. I have been mostly vegetarian the past month and opted for a mushroom herb crepe. When my order arrived I was famished and ready to dive in like a mermaid left out of the water far too long.

This is not a white flour savory crepe but more of a buckwheat style batter. For a savory crepe that is perfectly acceptable. I found it a big spongier than a typical crepe but still keeping my mind open until it actually  hit my mouth.

The mushrooms and cream inside were tasty but the overzealous dose of herbs felt unpleasant texturally in the mouth. Woody fresh rosemary against the grain of the crepe was a bit much for what should be a silky filling. I ate a few more bites out of being so hungry but didn't want more than half of it. I was still hungry but lost interest after bite #6.  I may try another crepe at some point or even a sandwich but first try out I am not a fan. My friend complained of the communication challenge of the staff member she was ordering from and ended up not being satisfied with the order due to a language barrier. Another strike.


I'll stick to my homemade crepes for now until demand for better creperies hit Atlanta.


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