Peter's - a review

Peter’s of Dunwoody


I have passed this establishment literally hundreds of time. It is always packed any given night of the week. Several months ago I did some investigating to see what concept is. The sign and outside décor gives nothing away. Once going to the website  you see very clearly it is Italian.  My least favored cuisine I put going on the back burner. Americans love Americanized Italian food which explains, at least somewhat, why it is always so busy.  So is the Olive Garden. That doesn’t mean it’s good.


I gave it a shot last night. Sunday night-you would never know it walking in. It was hustling and bustling like a Friday night would be. Peter himself greeted me at the door and quickly walked us to our table. Ah, now I see why people come here. Inside you would never know you were in the parking lot of a Publix shopping center. It’s cozy, warm , inviting and a place you want to hang around in for a while. A very thickly accented young Italian comes to take our drink order. I get the impression he is the son of Peter.  He is all smiles and charm.


Wines are half price on Sunday and martini’s are $5. The menu is quite clearly not Olive Garden. It is classic with a hint of modern inspiration (black ravioli with lobster filling).  I easily found dish void of pasta or tomatoes (why I do not favor Italian food) and placed my order.


First up, ceasar salad. The usual suspects are on the plate. Chopped romaine, croutons, a tuille of parmesan and the salad is dressed. While I did enjoy it and cleaned the plate, the dressing seemed premade and much too creamy for what is a classic dish. As if mayonnaise was the binder instead of proper egg, lemon and olive oil. I would order it again but feel compelled to warn readers of this. It is not a light salad.


My beloved veal , in chop form was the special of the night. Saltimbocca style. Ding Ding! We have a winner. I have to order it.  Dinner took an inexcusably long time to arrive. 30 minute. Considering I asked for medium rare and my companion had pasta I didn’t see the hold up. I was engaged in converstation so the wait didn’t bother me but it absolutely was noticeable. I had delicious tiny ciabatta rolls to nibble on so I felt content.

Veal was done perfectly and it was sauced in a lovely brown Madeira mushroom concoction. Unseasoned steamed spinach accompanied it. I ordered a side of gnocchi. Slightly heavy and tossed in dried herbs that weren’t complimentary or pleasant feeling in the mouth. Butter and parmesan toss would have  been just fine.


Dessert was tiramisu. It was just so – so. Borderline flavorless and while it doesn’t typically have texture, it does when you compare Peter’s tiramisu with a really good one.


I will go back for the atmosphere. I felt cozy and very welcome. Food is acceptable but nothing memorable thus far.


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