Cellar 56 - a review

I had the pleasure of dining at Cellar 56 last night. You'll find it in buckhead on East Andrews. 56 East Andrews to be exact. It seems to be challenging to come up with original names with the millions of dining establishments in this country. Really who cares though?  A name is a name. It's what inside that counts.

For those of you on a budget-GO. With dozens of $3-5 options (both food and drink) it won't break your bank.

For those of you with no monetary limit-GO. With dozens of items that cost less than the price of valeting your Benz at the Ritz you can eat up and still feel as satisfied as if you ate at the Ritz.

When you walk in the door, at the bar you will see two vats of house made sangria in absinthe type dispensers. There really is no such thing as bad sangria. I didn't try it as I was so delighted with my darling of whites, Vouvray. This particular one is Domaine Pichot. It took me to my happy place. Vouvray is good like that. I thought I might have 2 or 3 short servings of different wines but in the heat of the south the only thing I could stomach upon arriving was chilled white. It's a mood thing. Isn't that always the case with alcohol?

We start barking our tapas orders to the attentive wait staff. Within what felt like seconds small plates of goodness were appearing. Some magical spicy sweet potato puree with two fried oysters on top was sat in front of me. I have not the words for this glorious orange puddle of goodness. It wasn't afraid to be spicy. The chef jazzed it up so it sings in the mouth. Then a buttery soft braised shortrib passed my lips. Heaven.

Next came a rather generous pot of traditional mussels with two dense grilled slices of bread. My only criticism about it was it needed a bit more flavor but otherwise everything was cooked well. Lastly, a perfectly grilled flatbread with duck confit, fig jam and blue cheese. Finger sticky licking goodness. I couldn't eat all this food.

I wanted dessert so I left some of it unfinished. I had my eye on a coconut pie. Then I had it on my fork. Chewy coconuty crust with creamy deliciousness in the center and whipped cream on top. Perfectly satisfying. Anything bigger would have been too much and believe me I can eat some dessert. I am going back.

Too much of the menu went unexplored. 7 out of 10 stars.

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