MF Sushi Buckhead

I am thrilled to report I had an undisappointing meal at long last in my city. Those strike outs were wearing on my faith in good food in Atlanta. MF Sushi delivers. It's ultra modern in decor, not unusual for a sushi joint, but this is ELEGANT ultra modern. I can't tell if it's a weeknight dinner buisness spot or an everynight busy spot for all types of diners. I was there on a weeknight and it was a packed house.

I got my first sip of unfiltered saki and instantly feel in love with it. Tropical fruit nose and creamy mouthfeel. It's not the most appetizing looking of adult beverages but if you close your eyes the taste is worth savoring.

The service/food delivery was bizarrly sporadic but once the food arrived it was tasty as can be. They boast Binchotan, specially oak wood charcoal for cooked food (you can't help but smell it and want something prepared over it) so I got some prawns fired in that style. Clean and distinct flavor. Soft shell crab sushi, while fried and not wood fired, was equally delicious. Oddly enough I didn't eat anything 100% raw despite the impressive raw menu.

Finally, a place I want to return to. Two thumbs up!
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